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Emerald Meghalaya (5N/6D)



After you have walked over the living root bridges and heard them breath, camp beside a river where the only source of light is the bonfire and the starry sky. Wake up and dive into the transparent the waters of that very river from a cliff. This is not even half of what this trip offers. Swimming goggles on please!

A trek that will make you go weak in the knees both literally and figuratively, a village that will make you lose track of time and a river that is filled with as much adventure as fishes will make you ponder if you should cancel your tickets! Nothing is an exaggeration only an expression of what the travellers so far have felt. We haven’t yet mentioned the butterflies that will greet you on your treks and the sweet folks who will offer you kwai. May we say that it would be a foodventure for those who like their meat and those who love their veggies shall not go hungry either.

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After we drive from Guwahati to a cooler and greener Meghalaya, we make a diversion to drive towards Jowai. From Jowai town, a drive down a winding road and through tiny lanes atypical to Meghalayan small towns we reach Haven's cove.

Haven’s cove, a 20-minute walk away will read the sign. This farmhouse is only accessible on foot. The trail resembles a broader than usual aisle through paddy fields.

Haven’s cove unassumingly stands as a farmhouse in the middle of sprawling paddy fields with all amenities that would constitute a dream home for many.

Overnight at Haven’s Cove, Jowai
Total drive time from Guwahati to Jowai will be 4 hours.

Camping beside the transparent river

Head towards Shnongpdeng, this time you camp by the crystal clear Umngot and enjoy water based activities such as cliff jumping, snorkelling, kayaking, boating. Crash in your tents with a million stars above you and a bonfire keeping you company.

Overnight at Camp Fabian, Shnongpdeng
Total drive time from Jowai to Shnongpdeng will be 1.5 hours.

A trek to remember

Post an early breakfast, start your journey to Tyrna village which acts as the base point for the double decker trek. Even we don’t prefer to go down that path alone so our warm and fit as a fiddle guide will lead us into the jungle, acting more like a motivator than anything else. This trek is nothing like a typical trek as you need to climb down 3000 steps. Your knees will start to give in and you will be drenched in sweat but you will recover every drop of that sweat when you reach your destination - the double decker living root bridges. There will be pit stops along the way for you to drink water and try some local lime juice unless you want to beat the time set to trek down by one of the Lost Lama guys which stands at 45 minutes to trek down.

Overnight at Nongriat Guest house
Total drive time from Shnongpdeng to Tyrna will be 3.5 hours.

Blue rock pools and Rainbow falls

Wake up early in the morning and after breakfast proceed for the trek in the jungle. The morningair won’t get you tired as you cross many more living root bridges and a few hanging bridges to reach rainbow falls . The trekking time one way is approximately 2 hours and it’s better to see the rainbow falls in the afternoon as the sunlight would trigger the rainbow as the sun moves towards west. If you are a good swimmer then you can swim near the waterfalls or chill out in the smaller pools .The place is scenic and spectacular. So please carry a basic camera and if you have binoculars you could also see birdlife. There is absolutely no need for bottled water as the water from the springs is much better and purer than the packaged water. However moisturisers ,warm clothing and trekking shoes are required. Let’s not talk about the butterflies now as they will mesmerise you while you are down in Nongriat.

Overnight at Nongriat Guest house

A well deserved rest day in Sohra

After breakfast, climb back up & proceed to Sohra. Have an early local lunch in the market area.Choose to relax at the resort or explore Nohkalikai Falls, Arwah Caves & Dainthlen Falls if time permits.

Overnight at Sa-i-Mika Resort, Sohra

Bidding a reluctant goodbye

Take your own sweet time to wake up and have some delicious breakfast in the most pristine setting overlooking the endless rolling hills of Cherrapunji.

The luxury of waking up lazily depends on the time you book your flight. Preferably book the last flight.
Drive time from Sohra to Guwahati airport will be 5 hours.




Camp beside a transparent river.


Living root bridge

Trek to the famous Living root bridge


Rainbow falls

Take a dip in the rainbow falls.


Arwah Caves

Discover the mysterious caves of Meghalaya


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